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"Handel's 'Dixit Dominus' ... benefited from vivid solos by ... tenor Jason Rylander ..." Baltimore Sun, 4/26/2015


"... deserve particular mention for their excellent vocal work, as does tenor Jason Rylander." San Francisco Classical Voice, 7/18/2014


"[T]enor Jason Rylander poured singular gusto into Giovanni Battista Pergolesi’s Magnificat in B-Flat Major."

Washington Post, 9/23/2013


"Tenor Jason Rylander sang his opening aria with a graceful elegance, with a noticeble attention to phrasing and vocal weight." 

Patrick D. McCoy, DC Performing Arts Examiner, 10/4/2011 (Bach Cantata 167)


"The Mozart was simply electrifying.  Drawn from the chorus, the superb soloists [Clara Rottsolk, Meg Bragle, Jason Rylander, and James Shaffran] were luminous and well-matched as the emotional cast of the work moved between solemnity or disquieting fear to unbounded ecstasy." 

Washington Post, 10/25/2010 (Mozart Requiem/Salieri Requiem)


"Countertop had some exceptional voices, especially its tenors Matthew Smith and Jason Rylander. Both had clear, ardent voices that soared above [the] brass."

(All Arts Review) 11/13/2010 (Monteverdi Vespers 1610)


"Whether in solos or duos ... tenor Jason Rylander ... lent depth and continuity to the whole. Rylander['s] solos coupled sonorous warmth and emotional depth." 

Washington Post, 10/6/2009 (Bach B-Minor Mass)


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